Virtual Learning Series

1st CSEG Virtual Learning Series 2021: A Showcase of Canadian Innovation

2-4 & 8-11 February 2021
12:00pm - 1:00pm MST

This 1ST CSEG Virtual Learning Series (DLS) features seven strategic noon hour talks spread over 2 weeks. The objective is to provide a learning series focused on applied geoscience and the innovation occurring in the geosciences in Canada.

The oil and gas industry has once again found itself moving toward a low cost, efficient and sustainable future. As such, existing workflows have to be modernized by incorporating innovative ideas, new technologies have to show improved efficiency and every application has to resolve a particular social, environmental and economic problem. So, each speaker will address one particular major topic under development in Canada today.

Data quality improvements through innovations in seismic acquisition and reinterpretation of legacy seismic data are a couple of examples that will be covered showing how costs can be optimized while enhancing data quality and value of the interpretation.

Quantitative interpretation to provide deeper insight into subsurface reservoirs, machine learning application and adopting an integrated work flow for field development will show how new applications and repurposing old techniques with new perspective can solve modern petroleum exploration problems and impact business decisions.

Game-changing technologies within the hydrocarbon energy sector, as well as various innovative ideas in development as part of Canada’s energy transition will be discussed.

This virtual learning series invites anyone interested to learn about current innovative workflows, applications and technologies within the oil and gas industry. Participants will also gain insight into energy transition concepts.