CSEG History

The History of the CSEG: 1949-1959

Nineteen hundred and forty-nine was a good year for a beginning. With petroleum production on the rise following the Leduc and Redwater oil discoveries, Canada became the land of opportunity. Along with productivity came the demand for increased skill, knowledge and experience in the field of exploration geophysics... Read More.

The History of the CSEG: 1960-1969

The 1960s were perhaps the most important growing years for the Society. Membership climbed from 465 in 1960 to more than 900 nine years later. The decade saw the birth of the CSEG Ladies Auxiliary, public lectures, awards and the CSEG journal. By the end of this decade, the Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists was an integral part of Calgary's oil community... Read More.

The History of the CSEG: 1970-1979

In the 1970s Canada's oil industry went through dramatic changes. For the first time, government was playing a major role. The rules of the game changed as both the federal and provincial governments became involved. And it was in the face of these changes that the Society took on a new role, that of industry representatives to the government... Read More.

The History of the CSEG: 1980-1985

During the 1980s, the Society continued to serve as a spokesman for the industry, and as a link between the world of the geophysicist and the government, public and academic worlds. However, the society also devoted time to a variety of other projects... Read More.