Executive Election

The 2019 CSEG Nominations Committee [Neda Boroumand - chair, Ron Newman and John Duhault, are seeking members to stand for the 2020-21 CSEG Board of Directors. Details of the Board positions to be filled can be found at CSEG Board Duties.

We call upon CSEG members to stand for the 2020-21 CSEG Board of Directors.  Note that the 2020/21 Vice-President will be the 2021/22 President, and 2020/21 Assistant Directors will be 2021/22 Directors. Please contact any past or current Board Member to discuss the roles and expectations.

Nomination Deadline is November 1 2019. Online voting will begin on December 1, 2019 and run until January 15, 2020.

  • Incoming President: Geoff Fraser
  • Vice-President [2020/21 CSEG President]
  • Assistant Director of Member-Services
  • Assistant Director of Communications
  • Assistant Director of Finance
  • Assistant Director of Education


2020/2021 Election Candidates

For Vice President

Nanna Eliuk

Nanna EliukNanna Eliuk, completed her B.Sc. in geology and her MSc in geophysics and geology at Aarhus University in Denmark in 1995 and 1997 respectively prior to deciding to move to Canada. Nanna is currently Exploration Manager with Alvopetro Energy Ltd. in Calgary and is a professional geophysicist with over 22 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry. Her experience has included geophysical positions with increasing responsibility at junior as well as integrated multi-national oil and gas companies in Calgary.

Nanna’s work history has been diversified with both petroleum exploration and development experience. She has expertise in conventional and unconventional plays; in carbonate and clastic reservoirs with different depositional and structural settings (including pre-salt) in various basins around the world. Prior to joining Alvopetro, Nanna was the Senior Explorationist for Condor Petroleum (Kazakhstan) for two years, and prior to that was the Vice President of Geophysics and Land for Waldron Energy. Nanna started her career in 1997, holding progressively senior roles at Husky Energy for five years, followed by Compton Petroleum for over 6 years. Her extensive experience includes geophysical evaluation and analysis for business development opportunities and new ventures in various international basins, along with regional mapping, play fairway analysis, petroleum system evaluation, prospect definition and seismic attribute analysis.

While advancing her career in the Canadian and International arena, Nanna has been an active and tireless volunteer on many fronts with the CSEG. She has served as session chair and co-chair for both the CSEG/CSPG Conventions in the past, has been an integral part of the technical committee for past conventions, written book reviews for the RECORDER, reviewed abstracts for the SEG Convention, as well as helped organize and present at the first CSEG/EAGE Land Seismic workshop, which was a financial and technical success. She has also volunteered her time with the Earth Science for Society, the CSEG Mentorship program, the CSEG Outreach program and was a key contributor in the early days of the Junior Geophysicists Forum Committee. She was General Chair representing the CSEG at the 2017 Geoconvention in Calgary. After the 2017 Geoconvention, Nanna joined the board of directors for Geoconvention and is currently serving her 3rd and final year on the board. Nanna is also the Chair for the 2020 Symposium Honouring Lee Hunt.

For Director of Education

John Fernando

John FernandoIt is definitely a great honor to be asked by Neda, current CSEG president, for me to stand for the CSEG board of directors post as the Assistant Director / Director of Educational Services.

John’s ability and success in contributing to the educational efforts of the CSEG has been a great achievement for him as well as a means by which for him to improve his ability to organize and host educational events such as the Doodletrain and the Doodleship.

John has been the Chair of the Doodletrain committee for 2018 and 2019 and both have been successful in terms of increased registrations from 186 in 2017 to 261 in 2018 and 240 in 2019. Both years had a revenue gain of $ 40K which will help the CSEG reduce its budget deficit. The Doodleship inaugural event in 2019 spearheaded by John was also very successful in having a financial gain of $13 K.

John was the Assistant Director / Director of Educational services in the CSEG executive in 2009 / 2011 and successfully hosted six courses before, during and after the 2010 Geoconvention with 80 registrants and a $14 K financial gain. He was also the Technical co-chair of the CSEG/GSPG/CWLS joint Geoconvention in 2012. From September 2011 to June 2014 he was the Chief Editor of the Recorder magazine of the CSEG.

John received the CSEG outstanding volunteer award for 2018.

His sincere hope is to contribute to further expanding the professional development of CSEG members and non-members across Canada as with the inception of the Doodleship event in St. John’s Newfoundland.

John has worked as a seismic data processor from 1981 to 1995 at GSI, HGS, and WAI and in 1997 at KTI. Of the years in the oil and gas industry ten years were in Calgary and five years were in Negara Brunei Darussalam working in the dedicated processing center for Brunei Shell Petroleum.

John was a part-time instructor from 1997 to 2000 and a full-time instructor from 2000 – 2019 at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology as a Geophysics / Geology instructor. His greatest achievement at SAIT was his successful efforts in enabling his students to participate in CSEG and oil and gas industry events. He has had very good success in pairing his geoscience technology students with industry partners in terms of careers.

John is semi-retired and is pursing his interests in teaching for the SEG and EAGE as well as giving informal classes at companies in the oil and gas industry such as TGS and Equinor.

He is kept on his toes by his German Shepperd puppy Orion who is 7 months old.


For Assistant Director of Education

Andy Williams

Andy WilliamsI look forward to continuing my involvement with the CSEG Board over the next 2 years. As an Associate Director of Education, I’d like to see a continued focus on getting the message out – letting our membership know what opportunities for continuous improvement exist and making sure members are aware of the opportunities. Continuing to offer the high-quality educational experiences our membership has become accustomed to is key to our long-term success. Making sure it’s easy to participate, volunteer, lead and grow is essential to ensuring an engaged society.

I’ve been a member of the CSEG since 1990 but only recently engaged in helping navigate the CSEG through challenging economic times, declining membership and revolutionary changes to the way our CSEG message is distributed and digested. I’ve been involved with the Communications aspect of the CSEG for the last 2 years. Going digital, with all its pitfalls and successes, has been a focus of mine during that time

A good friend likes to refer to me as a “Yeti, with a penchant for saying I’m in charge (but completely lacking the skills necessary)!” I love living here, enjoying all this area has to offer with my wife of 25 years and our three, not so young anymore, children.


For Assistant Director of Communication

Marian Lee

Marian LeeMarian Lee received her B.Sc. in Geophysics from the University of Calgary in 2010. Followed by a contract position at Shell Canada, Marian joined Harvest Operations in 2011 as a seismic interpreter and has been involved in various plays in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. Her first project at Harvest Operations was to help develop light oil carbonate prospects in South East Saskatchewan, followed by heavy oil prospects in West Central Saskatchewan. Since 2014, she has been involved in developing tight gas Montney and Falher plays in Alberta’s Deep Basin area. In 2019, she has added the Cardium and Glauconite plays in Alberta’s Rocky Mountain House area to her interpretation portfolio. She is a professional member of APEGA.

As Assistant Director of Communications, Marian would like to help the CSEG maintain clear and informative communication, with its membership and beyond, through its website, social media and RECORDER publications, and ensure that CSEG’s branding is professional and consistent. Marian has been an active member of the CSEG since 2010 participating in the CSEG Doodletrain courses, Doodlespiel, Doodlebug, WiSE, T-Wave Golf Tournaments, and Junior Geophysicist Forum.

From spending her childhood and part of her teenage years in Seoul, South Korea, she’s fluent in both Korean and English. Marian has a passion for learning new languages and has been studying French and Japanese throughout the years. She also loves travelling to big cities, reading investigative journalism, and practicing Pilates

For Assistant Director of Member Services

Daniel Perez

Daniel PerezDaniel Perez graduated with a BSc. Geophysics from the University of Calgary in 2010. Worked at Geo-X/Divestco from 2010-2013 as a seismic processor, then Earth Signal Processing from 2013-2016 as a seismic processor, then Qeye Labs in 2016 as Business Development, and I’ve been at TGS since May 2017 as a Project Developer, Onshore and Account Manager, Imaging Services.

I look forward to working with the CSEG Executive Team and Eric Rops, the Direct of Member Services, to continue to provide the CSEG and its members with fun and engaging social events throughout the year.

I have been a CSEG member since 2009. Co-Founder of the CSEG Geophysical Industry Field Trip (GIFT), Mentor in the CSEG Mentorship Program for the last 5 years, 6 years volunteering for the CSEG Doodlespiel Committee including being Chairman, volunteered in the 2018 CSEG Symposium committee, volunteered in the 2018 CSEG DoodleTrain Committee.

Fun Fact: I enjoy scuba diving!


For Assistant Director of Finance

Lona Gregory

Lona GregoryLona is a University of Calgary alumni with a Bachelor of Science in Astrophysics (2003) and Master of Science in Geology and Geophysics (2017). Prior to joining the processing team at Signature Seismic Processing in 2012, Lona worked from home on various projects while caring for her four children. As a processor, she enjoys the wide variety of experiences and challenges that come with working on data sets from around the world.

As the Assistant Director of Finance 2020/ Director of Finance 2021, Lona would strive to uphold the high standards of financial management and reporting practices already in place. She would also use her extensive volunteer, personal and industry-related experiences to provide meaningful contributions in the general planning and board discussions.

The CSEG has been the social “backbone” of Lona's working experience for the past 7 years. She has participated annually in the Woman in Seismic (WiSE) golf tournament, Doodlespiel, Family Ski Spree, T-wave golf tournament and GeoConvention. Her participation in these events has led to a deep appreciation for the volunteers that make these events happen. As a result, Lona has been an active volunteer for the CSEG since 2013. Her most recent roles include the GeoConvention technical co-chair and various positions on the WiSE and Doodlespiel committees. For these, she was awarded the 2018 “Volunteer of the year”. On the professional development side of things, Lona enjoys attending the CSEG technical luncheons and technical sessions of the GeoConvention.

Although originally from Houston, Texas, Lona has spent most of her life in Calgary. When she isn't hard at work with Signature, she enjoys traveling and spending time with her husband, children and two “crazy” dogs. Fun fact? If there's music playing and Lona's not dancing, she's holding back. That, and don't steal her cheese!