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For more information about the CSEG and Foundation Committees, please see the July 2020 RECORDER Reports:

Posting Date Committee Committee Description Volunteers Required Committee Contact
2020-08-12 Emerging Professionals Program (EPP)

EPP’s goal is to encourage and promote the development of emerging professionals’ knowledge, skills and attributes within the CSEG through a variety of educational, networking, and employability skills, in hopes of helping develop tomorrow’s geoscientists today. An emerging professional is defined as a person who has graduated from a post-secondary institution and is either currently employed, looking for employment or has an interest in geophysics and/or geosciences but has not yet reached APEGA professional status.


Two roles currently available: 1) Communications and 2) Advertising and Marketing. Chau Huynh
2020-06-21 Destination Learning Series (DLSC) The objective is to provide a learning series in applied geophysical science for any industry, promote the geosciences through fellowship and education and advocate for Canadian business and innovation. The target audience is international corporate decision makers and scientists who are ready to learn more about Canada. The inaugural 10-day course will have the attendees participate in workshops held in Calgary corporate offices and visit beautiful site locations across Alberta and Saskatchewan focused on the scientific approaches to natural resource development. Volunteers required if the event goes ahead in 2021 Neda Boroumand
2020-06-21 Digital Media Committee (DMC) The purpose of the DMC is to provide support to all CSEG Committees and groups in communication on all CSEG Social media channels. Yes Jason Schweigert
2020-06-21 Doodlespiel CSEG's largest social event of the year. Hundreds of geophysicists, geologists, and friends come to Banff in January for a weekend of curling (competitive or recreational), networking, and fun! 2 volunteers required Tacita Schmid
2020-06-21 Doodleship Following the success of the DoodleShip 2019 event in St. John's, we formed the DoodeShip 2020 committee. The 2019 event was organized by John Fernando and David Emery, and presented by Rainer Tonn with sponsorship from Equinor. Our goal for 2020 was to host a similar event organized by locals from the St. John's community. DoodleShip 2020 was planned for the first week of April 2020. Henry Posamentier was to deliver a 2 day course on Seismic Geomorphology and Seismic Stratigraphy followed by a half day core workshop. At the core workshop local experts would show core from Bay du Nord, White Rose, and Hebron. The course sold out before the early bird deadline while the core workshop sold out soon afterwards. Unfortunately DoodleShip 2020 hasn't happened due to the lockdown resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2020 DoodleShip course can't take place because the provincial 14 day isolation regulations make importing an instructor untenable. On the other hand, the core event was to be presented by local instructors who wouldn't be required to self isolate. Later this year our committee will reconsider hosting a core event in 2020, but for now our expectations are that the next DoodleShip will be held in 2021. Yes John Townsley
2020-06-21 Doodletrain The Doodletrain was started in the 90s by Bill Nickleson to provide Calgary based training in geophysics consisting of 1 to 2 days short courses. This continuing education programs runs the first week of November, which doesn't include the Nov 11 holiday, for the last 20+ years. The program concentrates on Fundamentals for new geoscientist, Fundamental II for working geophysicists and Advance for experience geophysicists/specialist. The program provides the ability for companies both large and small to run courses that otherwise require professional to travel to the US or Europe for training. The program continues to be corporately supported with venues donation, course suggestion and sponsorships (particularly instructor travel). The Doodletrain provides a low cost forum for high quality instruction in geophysics using both local and international instructors. Registration has just open and we are planning on running the program as scheduled in November. Yes David Emery
2020-06-21 RECORDER The Recorder Committee produces an online magazine for its membership which provides technical papers, columns, announcements, etc. for the CSEG .The RECORDER Committee via the RECORDER reports on all aspects of the CSEG, social and technical, as well as promote geophysics and Canadian geophysicists to the world. Looking for a new Chief Editor, Associate Copy Editor, new Advertising Manager, Technical Editors, Special Coordinators and contributors. Brian Schulte
2020-06-21 Technical Luncheons Technical luncheons have provided individual Geophysicists, academics as well as oil and gas companies to showcase the latest advances in the world of seismic data acquisition, processing and interpretation. The monthly held event has brought speakers from around the world. CSEG and SEG distinguished lecturers have often been part of the luncheon list of presenters. May need one or two volunteers to help in succession planning and emergency coverage. John Fernando
2020-06-21 Value of Integrated Geophysics (VIG) VIG was created to build stronger levels of understanding among geoscientists, engineers, executives and the oil and gas finance community, about the value of using geoscience to increase economic success and safety. Our main approach has been to get out and talk to engineers through SPE and APEGA talks, and to educate CSEG members through VIG-related CSEG talks, RECORDER articles, DoodleTrain courses, etc.. Looking for volunteers who can give VIG talks, courses, and/or have new ideas to promote VIG Ruth Peach
2020-06-21 Women in Seismic (WISE) This year is our 21st anniversary for the WiSe (Women in Seismic) Charity Golf Tournament which encourages all level of golfers to participate in an afternoon of networking and dressing up while raising money for two important causes (1) Alberta Cancer Foundation and (2) The CSEG Foundation Scholarship Fund. The event is held at the Fox Hollow golf course, holds 72 players and the team with the best spirit wins the Sean Callaghan Spirit Award. Students and men are encouraged to attend. Yes Trish Mulder
2020-06-29 CSEGF University Outreach Committee The University Outreach Committee organizes all university-related subcommittees for outreach. It is the umbrella of the Challenge Bowl, Mentorship, GIFT, JGF, and Student Conference committees. Volunteers required for specific events as they come up. Chelsea Squires
2020-06-29 CSEGF USO - Student Conferences As Student Conference Chair it is my responsibility to coordinate the CSEG-F's appearance at student conferences across Canada (AUGC, WIUGC, etc.). We represented the CSEG-F at the industry fairs. The CSEG Challenge Bowl preliminary competitions were hosted by the respective volunteer and myself (AUGC, WIUGC, and UofC this year). Yes Taylor Till
2020-06-29 CSEGF Outreach The Outreach committee attends, organizes, and supports initiatives promoting Geosciences to the General Public, Schools, and Universities. We attend Teacher Conferences, Earth Science for Society (ESFS), and other events. Outreach supports and represents several other committees on the Foundation Board, including Mentorship, Challenge Bowl, Student Conferences, Geophysical Industry Field Trip (GIFT), and Student Chapters. Yes. Outreach is always looking for volunteers! Adrian Smith
2020-06-29 CSEGF GIFT To provide industry knowledge and experience to Canadian geoscience students. Provide opportunity for the students to network with peers and industry professionals. Inform the students about industry careers in geophysics. We have new committee members each year so volunteers are always welcome. Mathieu Boudreau
2020-06-29 CSEGF Mentorship To coordinate Mentorship pairings between student geoscientists and professionals. To support the development of the next generation of Geoscientists and help develop the leadership skills of our current industry leaders. Yes Nathan Fester
2020-06-29 CSEGF Challenge Bowl Committee The Challenge Bowl is a jeopardy-style geoscience quiz game for university students across Canada. The Challenge Bowl Committee organizes multiple regional events throughout the year, culminating in the Canadian National Challenge Bowl Finals event during GeoConvention. Yes. 3 committee members would be ideal to organize all events throughout the year. I am looking for someone to take over the Chair role, and to add an additional person to the committee. Shelby Perreault
2020-06-29 CSEGF - Earth Science for Society (ESfS) 3 day Earth Science conference with hands-on activities to engage school children and general public Yes Marissa Whittaker