CSEG Foundation

The Ultimate Legacy

Establish an Endowed Fund

An endowment is a gift for life. Your original gift is invested and managed in perpetuity by the CSEG Foundation as part of a pooled fund. The annual income generated is used to support the specific purpose for which the fund was established.

Benefits of Establishing an Endowment

  • The satisfaction of making a meaningful gift to the CSEG Foundation that is important to you – a particular program or the area of greatest need.
  • Establishing an enduring legacy.
  • You can name it in honour of someone close to you to secure your personal or family legacy.

Create an Endowment

We can work with you to create an endowment today with your gift of cash, securities, property, or by means of a pledge to be paid over several years.

We can also provide you with appropriate designation instructions for an endowment to be established at some future time using the proceeds of any deferred gift arrangements.

Please contact the CSEG Office for details.