Dr. Easton Wren - 1987

CSEG Honorary Membership Award Recipient Dr. Easton Wren

Dr. Easton Wren Honorary Membership is the highest award made by the CSEG. Easton Wren has earned it through distinguished service to the Society, innovative application of geophysical theory to the exploration industry and an international reputation as a teacher of geophysics.

His service to the society includes a term as president, in 1981, and joint chairmanship of the first CSEG/CSPG joint convention in 1979. He has written and presented many papers and received the best paper award in 1975. Easton received a Meritorious Service Award in 1976.

His contribution to geophysical knowledge and application includes important papers on inversion and wavelet estimation. He was one of the first geophysicists to recognize the importance of reflection angle and offset as an extra dimension in geophysical interpretation and he has been a leader in the practical use of this technique.

Easton received a BSc. in Geology in 1960 and a Ph.D. in Geophysics from the University of Glasgow in 1968. He has worked for Ray Geophysical in Libya, the United Nations in Uganda and, in Calgary was Chief Geophysicist for PanCanadian Petroleum and consulting Geophysicist for Amoco Canada Petroleum. In 1978, he founded Petrel Consultants, now an international geophysical and geological consulting firm. He left Petrel in 1987 to set up his own oil exploration company.

Easton is possibly best known as teacher and a communicator. He has been a visiting professor at the Universities of Calgary and Kansas. He is a distinguished lecturer for the MPG, a member of the SEG's Continuing Education Committee and has developed and taught courses for Geoquest, Petrel and IHRDC.

Finally, his enquiring and innovative mind and his teaching skills have made him well-known in the community as a television host. He has presented science to the citizens of Calgary and has piqued their curiosity with his interviews of interesting and sometimes eccentric guests. This second career in entertainment has been conducted, as has his geophysical career, with fresh ideas, style and wit.