Judi McDonald - 1987

CSEG Meritorious Service Award Recipient Judi McDonald

Judi McDonald Judi MacDonald has served the CSEG well in her ten years as a member. She has been Arrangements Chairman, Publicity Chairman and Spring Ball Chairman for CSEG conventions. Judi designed the layout and content for the new careers brochure, which was printed in 1986.

She recognized the Society's need for a better display exhibit so, in 1982, she had a new one designed. This portable unit has travelled to SEG conventions, school fairs, universities and our own conventions. For the first few years, she also took charge of the display contents and organized a team of volunteers to travel with it.

The writing, research and publication of Traces Through Time kept a group of industry people busy for many months. This history book was an outstanding success and Judi's marketing of it was equally successful because of her innovative ideas and her well organized marketing plan.

Judi graduated in music from the University of Oregon and the Toronto Conservatory. She joined Petty Ray Geophysical in 1976, Seiscom Delta United in 1980 and Vertias Seismic Ltd in 1983. She has had a marketing role with all of these companies and is now Marketing Manager for Veritas Seismic and Veritas Geophysical Ltd.

Without Judi's efforts, the CSEG would never have been so well publicized and so well presented to the public and the geophysical community. Her contribution to the Society and to the industry make Judi MacDonald a well-deserved recipient of the Meritorious Service Award.