Lunchbox Geophysics

Beauty algorithm, eh?  (A perspective on Canadian processing innovation)

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Mike Perz

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010 – 11:00 AM MST
Aquitaine Auditorium, +15 level of 540 - 5 Avenue SW

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LunchBox Geophysics is free! Simply bring your own lunch (refreshments provided) and enjoy.


In the grand hierarchy of things quintessentially Canadian "land seismic processing excellence" may not share the same iconic status as poutine, maple syrup, or the McKenzie Brothers ...but in my opinion that's only because it hasn't received its due recognition! My lunchbox presentation, which is based on a Recorder article I published in November 2009, provides a walking tour of recent made-in-Canada developments in seismic processing. While I doubt my presentation will move the tourist shops in Banff to start selling toques emblazoned with lines of geophysical code, I do hope it will provide the audience with an awareness of the great depth of contributions made by Canadian researchers and programmers over the last decade or so in the field of seismic processing.


Mike Perz received his BSc in Physics from the University of Toronto in 1990 and his MSc in Geophysics from the University of British Columbia in 1993. Shortly therafter, he joined Pulsonic Geophysical where his main focus was writing prestack time migration software. Four years later he moved to Geo-X Systems Ltd. (now Divestco Inc.), where he spent thirteen years, first writing geophysical applications software then managing  the research and development group. In April of this year, Mike moved over to Arcis Corporation where he has assumed the role of Manager, Technology and Integration. Mike's role at Arcis is centred on the development of high-level geophysical software, as well as on developing people resources and on managing the growth and development of the global business. In his spare time, Mike enjoys many outdoor activities, with fly-fishing sitting at the top of the heap.