Maximizing Success within a Business Team Environment using Integrated Geophysics

John L. J. Duhault, P. Geoph.

John L. J. Duhault, P. Geoph.
Principal Geoscience Consultant, Starbird Enterprises Inc.
Past President: Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (CSEG)

Wednesday, October 10th, 2018 – 11:30 AM MST
Calgary Petroleum Club, Devonian Room (+15 Level), 319 5 Ave SW


How do you plan your capital expenditures and maximize the value or your corporate assets in today’s environment? What geology and geophysics costs are appropriate for your unconventional resource, oil sands or conventional property? Do you “gamble” and not use available geoscience tools, or, do you apply a specific set of integrated applications to increase the economic success on the projects you are accountable for? What is the value proposition that integrated geophysics can provide to your company? Does anyone on the team or higher up the corporate food chain care?

The most successful oil and gas companies use integrated geophysical tools to mitigate their risks and maximize their chance of success, thereby improving the financial metrics of their respective companies. (i.e. Recycle ratio, ROCE, NPV).  The best way to illustrate the value proposition is to show examples of successful projects.

Several case histories in different scenarios will be presented. In each case history, whether in the conventional, unconventional or completion geophysics world, the teams were more successful using integrated geophysics into their geological and reservoir engineering data. They were subsequently rewarded with improved work flows, increased capitally-efficient drilling, better hydraulic fracking operations, and improved type curves.

This presentation will give you some awareness, ideas, and tools that you can bring back to your asset teams that will help them maximize your future success together.


John L. J. Duhault, P.Geoph. Mr. Duhault is an experienced “Hunter Finder Mentor” geoscientist with a heart who has an "oracle's" ability to predict, find and develop oil and gas reserves, mitigate drilling risks and grow companies. He has worked for, consulted to, and found oil and gas for integrated senior, intermediate producers and numerous junior independents. He is an entrepreneur who has founded two Private oil companies using leading edge technologies to predict where to find oil and gas. Mr. Duhault is currently the Principal Consultant for Starbird Enterprises specializing in strategic advice for conventional exploration and resource play seismic interpretation including completion geophysics assessments.

Mr. Duhault is a hands-on craftsman who creates warm environments out of wood and stone and is very passionate about reducing the cycle of child abuse.

Mr. Duhault is currently Past President of the Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (CSEG).