Lunchbox Geophysics

Reaching a Broader Audience with Your Geophysics Talk

Dr. Rob Vestrum

Dr. Rob Vestrum

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012 – 12:00 PM MST
Aquitaine Auditorium, +15 level of 540 - 5 Avenue SW

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LunchBox Geophysics is free! Simply bring your own lunch (refreshments provided) and enjoy.


As we see more integration between geophysical specialties and between geology and geophysics, it is increasingly important to reach out to non-experts with our geophysics presentations. One thing that many of the technical leaders in geophysics have in common is their ability to reach out to a broad audience and help them understand the importance of their technology and research. This process begins with an understanding of the geologic setting to which our technology applies. Reaching a broader audience does not dilute our science, but rather it offers a vision for how our individual work makes a difference in our exploration community.


Rob Vestrum started out in anisotropy research and gradually found applications for this esoteric topic by learning about the problems associated with dipping anisotropy in compressional geologic settings.