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Combined processing/interpretation of microseismic and reflection seismic data

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Stepan Lavrinenko

Friday, October 4th, 2019 – 12:00 PM MST
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The purpose of this research was to explain the behavior of the microseismic event locations for the hydraulic fracturing project at the Puskwa 9-29-71-25W5 treatment well. This was done by applying a new technique, based on fractal dimension analysis, to the microseismic dataset and interpreting the results. By comparing the results with the other microseismic event properties, seismic and lithological data, two fracture systems were found. Their structure was fully described, but further research is needed to precisely determine their origin. 


Stepan Lavrinenko
I enjoy everything that involves creative thinking, this manifests in my career path. I have completed an MSc in Petroleum Geosciences, with a novel statistical research on fracture networks presented at two Geoscience Conferences. I worked in the Seismic and Microseismic Industries as well, working both with industrial software packages and building my own scripts and custom solutions. I have since explored new horizons and moved from Geophysics into programming and Data Science.

Currently, I work as a Machine Learning Developer. I build ML/AI models and tools to predict, optimize and improve processes in a variety of industries. I have worked with water treatment projects, O&G projects, HR projects and many more. I have a sense that ML/AI algorithms will play a big role in O&G and more specifically- in the fields of Seismics and Microseismics.