Microseismic User Group (MUG)

Integrated microseismic and surface multicomponent seismic monitoring of hydraulic fracture stimulations, Pouce Coupe Field, AB

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Tom Davis and Chris Steinhoff
Colorado School of Mines, Reservoir Characterization Project

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012 – 12:00 PM MST
Schlumberger Turner Valley Room, 525 3rd Avenue SW

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The Reservoir Characterization Project in conjunction with Talisman Energy has been investigating a seismic data set acquired over a set of hydraulic fracture stimulations in the Montney Shale at Pouce Coupe Field, Alberta. The result of the seismic experiment at Pouce Coupe is the observation of the interaction of natural fractures with the hydraulic fracture stimulations. There is evidence that the "quality" of stimulation is affected by the natural fractures and faults in the Montney. The outcome of the study is the need for longer term monitoring to potentially estimate stimulated reservoir volume and depletion.