Microseismic User Group (MUG)

New Frontiers in Induced Seismicity Monitoring: Adding value beyond regulatory compliance

Ben Witten

Ben Witten

Thursday, February 27th, 2020 – 12:00 PM MST
Palliser Amphitheatre is 200-125-9th Ave SE (Second floor, Palliser One building)

Unless the capacity is exceeded, we will not respond to your email. Attendance is free, just bring along your lunch.

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Ben Witten holds a BS (2005) in applied mathematics from Columbia University, an MS (2008) in geophysics from Stanford University, and a PhD (2017) in geophysics and physics from the University of Western Australia. Witten has more than a decade of experience in passive seismic research and processing in both industry and academia. In addition to his role as a research scientist at Nanometrics Inc., a Seismic Monitoring Solution provider based in Ottawa, Canada, Ben is also the associate editor of the Passive Seismic and Migration Methods section for the journal Geophysics. His current research interests include novel methods for imaging, inversion, and signal processing of passive seismic data.