Microseismic User Group (MUG)

Update and Observations of Induced Seismicity in NEBC: A Regulator’s Point of View

Stuart (Stu) Venables

Stuart (Stu) Venables

Tuesday, April 20th, 2021 – 12:00 PM MST

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The initial portion of the presentation will provide an overview of regulatory steps taken by the Commission to address induced seismicity in NEBC to date, along with anticipated regulatory enhancements and oversight direction. The presentation will cover oversight measures put in place to monitor disposal activities.  The remainder of the presentation will focus on the Kiskatinaw Seismic Monitoring and Mitigation Area (KSMMA) Special Project Order that the Commission introduced in May 2018.  The KSMMA Special Project Order introduced a set of regulatory requirements to monitor and mitigate induced seismic events in a specified geographic area.  The KSMMA portion of the presentation will focus on the unique circumstances that led to the implementation of the Special Project Order and the rational behind the various components.


Stuart (Stu) Venables grew up in Ottawa, Ontario. He obtained a B.Sc. in Geology from Acadia University graduating in 1999. Upon graduation, Mr. Venables moved to Calgary, Alberta where he worked for a variety of E&P and M&A firms from small 5 person operations to large, multinational corporations and banking firms. In 2010, he left Calgary and moved to Victoria, British Columbia where he accepted a position with the BC Oil & Gas Commission (Commission). Since 2010, Stu has worked for the Commission as a Senior Petroleum Geologist and, currently, his primary focus is the regulatory approach, oversight and mitigation of induced seismicity. Stu Venables is a registered Professional Geoscienti with EGBC.